Your Guide to Unoccupied Property Insurance Cover

Property Insurance Cover

If you own property – whether it’s your home, your business premises or you are a landlord – you should be aware of unoccupied property insurance and what it can offer you. There are so many circumstances where unoccupied property insurance will give you ease of mind. For example if you’re a homeowner and go on holiday – what if you return and find your house ransacked or burgled. If you’re a business owner – there may be expensive equipment in the premises that is enticing to burglars. Also if you a landlord and own a lot of property then unoccupied property insurance is an absolute must for you. There are a lot of times when you will have unoccupied property so it’s vital then you get cover for it (you can compare cover online from a panel of specialist insurers at .

Most companies that offer unoccupied landlord insurance will include owner and landlord liability as standard they can also cover against damage such as fire, aircraft, water damage, subsidence and explosion. Whilst some of these scenarios may seem unlikely it is good to know you are covered in every eventuality. Fire, in particular is something that’s very handy to be covered against. Unoccupied properties can be at great risk to damage from fire. For examples vacant building are often targeted by vandals and arsonists. Fire damage can also occur accidentally of course and is much more likely in an occupied building as it may not be being check regularly.

With so many possibilities to cover – unoccupied property insurance can be costly, however most insurance providers will work with you to tailor a package to your individual needs. It may not be necessary to insure against everything, rather just what are most concerned about. For a landlord this is usually that their unoccupied property will either be ransacked by vandals or overtaken by squatters.

If you decide to take out unoccupied property insurance then you should shop around and try to find the best company and policy that suits your needs and your budget. Think carefully about exactly what you want to be covered and you’ll be sure to ask the right questions when speaking to an advisor. If your unoccupied property insurance is needed urgently, for example if you have booked a last-minute holiday, then there are plenty of companies who can provide immediate cover for your home and its contents. Some of the best unoccupied property insurance companies and are online, as the ordering process is very quick and easy – requiring some information about what you need and then being able to provide instant cover.

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