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What to Look For In the Best Spinning Reel

best spinning reel readyWith so many options for reels available it makes no difference whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice, feeling overwhelmed is not difficult.  While shopping for the right spinning reel, sorting through the many different brands makes it difficult to decide which to buy.  If you want to buy the best spinning reel then what follows will explain the features to look for and will assist you in purchasing the appropriate reel for all your fishing requirements.

When looking at which spinning reel to purchase there are a few key features to consider.  Reels that have these features will likely be of a higher quality than the budget versions that may not include them and you should consider these features carefully.  There are numerous styles and brands available on the market available for spin fishing, which is extremely popular with anglers in freshwater.  It is fast and straightforward to spool fresh line onto a spinning reel as they are not enclosed so it is easy to inspect the line all the time.  This minimizes tangling bird’s nests and allows fishermen to always see how good the line is that is being used.  We will look below at all the options when choosing which spinning reel on sale today is best.


The quality of a fishing reel can be indicated by which materials have been used in the manufacture of its body.  Aluminium and graphite are the two materials commonly used today.  Graphite is the lighter however aluminium has more durability.  Reels at the high-end of the market are usually manufactured from graphite due to the lighter weight which reduces incidents of wrist fatigue.  If your fishing conditions require a more durable reel then the more affordable aluminium reels would be more suitable.

Ball Bearings

The number of ball bearings used in the construction of a reel reflects how smooth its action is and how smooth its drag system is to operate.  The more ball bearings it has, the smoother it will be.  However it also typically increases the cost and so you should balance this against other options and choose the one within your budget that has the most ball bearings if possible.


There are other factors that will affect the cost as well as the quality of your spinning reel.  The more dependable front-drag systems are certainly more robust when compared to a rear drag set up.  Internal components made from brass are also more durable and that is especially important when fishing in salt water, however they will cost you more.  All these things must be remembered when considering which reel to buy.


Your budget is naturally a key consideration when purchasing a new spinning reel.  The number of features included in your reel will depend on the amount of money you can spend.  By comparing different reels you will be able to get the most features for your budget so compare any options and features as well as price and, if you can, try out a few reels.

This may all seem like a hard process but by learning more about what benefits certain features offer and how each type of real behaves you will soon find yourself becoming an expert.  If you purchase the best reel your budget allows then it will reward you with many years of a good partnership on the water, in other words, if you choose carefully and wisely it will not disappoint you.


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