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Vintage Car Insurance – A fast track guide

Vintage cars are very unique and rare so insuring them can be a little bit tricky. Luckily there are insurance providers who specialize in insuring vintage cars so if you are lucky enough to be the owner of one of these vehicles then with some research you should be able to find an insurance provider who can insure your vintage car for an affordable price. In this article I’ll discuss the types of cover you can get for vintage cars as well as how to go about finding quotes and saving money.

Types of Cover

Vintage cars are quite different from modern cars and therefore require a different type of insurance. Whilst modern cars are used for day-to-day travelling and generally depreciate in value as they get older, vintage cars are often only used for special occasions and usually gain value with age. Insurance providers will take this into account and offer several types of cover that are unique to vintage and classic cars. Below are some of the main types of cover available

–          Agreed Valuation – When you take out a policy for your vintage car both you and the insurance provider must agree on the value of your car. This is known as an agreed valuation. This is important as it gives you the assurance that should you need to make a claim for your car you will get the full amount of its value.

–          Limited Mileage Insurance – Since a lot of vintage car owners do not drive their car on a regular basis they can opt to get limited mileage insurance. As the name suggests this will cover your car providing you do not drive over a stated number of miles annually.

–          Multi Vehicle Insurance – If you have a collection of vintage cars and you want to insure them under the same policy then you can do this with multi vehicle insurance. This can save you both time and money as it often proves a lot cheaper then insuring your vintage cars separately.

Saving Money

Whilst vintage car insurance cover can be quite costly, there are certain steps you can take to save money on your policy. One of the best ways is to shop around and get quotes from several different providers. The price you are quoted can vary greatly depending on the insurance provider so it’s always worth shopping around. Another way you can save money on your policy is to join a vintage car owner’s clubs. Insurance providers often give considerable discounts to owner’s clubs so it’s definitely worth joining one. Using an insurance broker is another way to save money. Whilst you might have to pay to use their services, a good broker will be able to get you a great deal that suits your needs –

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