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To Purchase A Tent On Line For Dummy’s

family tentFirst you go to different websites like Kmart and Sears or Walmart . The second thing you do is to search for the item that you want to purchase . Then you click on the one that you want to purchase. There will be a bunch of stuff come up under that category then you click on the one that you want to purchase. Then it will ask you to create an account first before counting purchasing your best family tent.

Then you will have created an account with one of their website in order to pay for your item so they can have the right shipping address on file and also so they can have the right credit or debit card into on file . With account on a website you will have to be sign in and order to be able to pay for you item.

Some websites will let you checkout as a guess and not make you to have account with the website. When setting up account online to purchase a item online you first have to enter your first and last name and put your state and zip code , city ‘ a course your shipping address , your credit card or debit card info . First thing you will have to do is click on the tent you want and add it to the shopping cart then click on the purchase tab on the website and then before you checkout and pay with a debit card or a credit card .

The sales tax is always added on to the sale price. After you make sure all your credit or debit card information is correct. You then select the way of shipping if the company does not have it’s own way of shipping. If it don’t then it usually comes by ups, fed ex or postal service. You can sometime get a option of overnight delivery for a little more cost on shipping.

It can also be shipped to your local store near you, sometimes the stores already has the item in stock on the shelve. They will pull the item from the shelve and then send you a e-mail telling you when the item is ready to be shipped or picked up in the store. Most time the companies will send you a tracking number to keep track of your shipping till it reaches your destination .You can keep a status of your order by the carrier website with your tracking number.

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