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sending money overseasTravelling and sending money overseas requires deep knowledge about the ongoing rates and the best possible plan varying with respect to the person’s needs. It is a well known fact that exchange rates and fees vary on a per day basis. Thus, while travelling overseas, it is paramount that you compare the rates offered by different financial organisations and banks and choose the best deal.

To find the minimum fees and the best exchange rate use The Currency Shop! It is the best online site to compare Travel Money, Overseas Money transfer and Travel Cards. They also help in the comparison of the specifications, charges and fees of disparate Travel Cards. All these factors play a pivotal role in making overseas travelling economical. Furthermore, consultants of this agency provide help to businessmen who have demands of sending magnanimous amounts of money overseas. Depending upon the profile and the need of the client, these consultants will provide the perfect solution in the matter of selecting a proper currency provider.

Some of their services are –

  • Locking of exchange rate: Foresight plays a very important factor while locking in an exchange rate, because if not planned properly you may end up losing thousand or if luck favours you earning extra couples. For this, you require acumen that has experience with the varying trends and exchange rates. The optimum rate for you is decided and locked in, even if it for an overseas holiday or for frequent transfer of money overseas. If money is to be transferred from Australia to overseas, the best option is choosing the exchange rate that is at the highest point. However, in the case where money is to be transferred back to Australia the lowest exchange rate is to be chosen. Points to be taken care of while locking in the currency rate are:
  • Half and Half – Invest only 50% of your capital if you get a good exchange rate so that if a better exchange rate comes along you can avail its benefits by investing the remaining capital for the same.
  • Rate Alerts – Set an exchange rate that you consider good enough and subscribe to an alert system. You are not locking in the rate but if a better one comes along you will be instantly alerted!
  • Ask for advice – Regular transfer of money on an international basic costs high fees and rates. To save on these extra transfer costs, consult an experienced professional who has expert financial knowledge and can provide an economical scheme based on your demands. As every person has varying needs and demands, it is critical to choose a consultant who is well experienced and has vast knowledge in this field.
  • International Money Transfer: You can choose from a wide array of providers and select the best rate offered for the sum you want to transfer overseas. Easily tabulated, it is easy to select the exchange rate that is most favourable.
  • Travel cash and cards: Use ATM internationally without any international fees by opting for Travel cards. You can fill it with cash before leaving and select an optimum exchange rate.

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