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The best golf wedges 2017

There are many sports throughout the world but golf is considered as one of the most sophisticated sports of all time. If you want to finally join a golf club, then you should buy the best golf wedge to enhance your play. There are different types of wedges such as bounce angle, wedges and standard bounce wedges etc. available in the market. To know more about golf wedges visit

Here is a list of some of the best golf wedges of 2017 given as follows –

Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 3 Black S-Grind Wedge

  • This golf wedge has 3 grinds for different types of swing condition and shot. This 3 grinds are very unique that will surely suit your playing style.
  • S-grind is the best feature of this golf wedge. It suits swings from moderate to sweeping attack angles, different shot types and conditions like firm, soft and normal.
  • This golf wedge is also featured with progressive groove optimization. A smoother spin transition from iron to wedges is created with the help of this feature.

Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG (Mid Bounce) Wedge, Black Satin

  • This Golf wedge is made with patent pending feel balancing technology. This technology helps to create the center of gravity at the wedge head.
  • A V shape with extra leading edge bound is featured by control three tours proven and grinds. Shot consistency is added by its V sole grinds. It helps to make the performance better and consistent.
  • Spin can be increased by New Rotex face. A refined groove shape is featured by the third generation rtx face. Spin performance can be optimized by laser and loft milling.

Mizuno Golf Men’s T7 White Satin Wedge

  • The durability of quad cut group of Mizuno is lengthened by 1025 boron infused steel. The famous feel of grain flow forge of Mizuno is maintained by it.
  • This Golf wedge is designed with harmonic impact technology with quad cut loft specific grooves. It also has dynamic gold wedge shaft to enhance your performance.
  • This golf wedge of Mizuno comes in a graduated loft specific teardrop shape.

Tour Edge Golf-10ut Wedge Steel

  • This golf wedge is designed with super wide sole designs so that you can play sand shots easily and swiftly.
  • Maximum weight is put below the ball by heavy sole for easy and smooth launch.
  • Perfect hand placement guidance is provided by 1 inch longer Lamkin grip for offering better control.

Ping Glide 2.0

  • Short game performance can be improved by the Ping Glide 2.0. Ultimate control and spin can be provided to you by an exclusive head grip and shaft.
  • This golf wedge is available in three adaptable sole designs. Loft optimized Gorge grooves and additional bounce are also offered by it. This golf wedge also has adjustable wedge lines.
  • More friction is provided by the 431 chrome plating which is perfect for playing even in wet conditions.

Thus, choose the best golf wedge for yourself from the above listed wedges to enhance your ability in golfing.

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