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Save Money on Motorbike Insurance With These 6 Tips

Motorbike insurance

Do you feel like you’re getting ripped off on your motorbike insurance? Are you sick and tired of paying too much, and are looking for ways to pay a lower premium?

The good news is that there is hope. There are many things you can do to get cheaper motorbike insurance, here are just a few…

Advanced motorbike training

Obviously, the more training you undertake the more safer you will become on the road, but did you know that by taking an advanced motorbike training course you can also cut down your insurance premiums?

In fact, by taking a recognized course, you can slash the prices on your insurance rates by up to 20%.

Comparison website

Another way to get cheaper motorbike insurance is to use a comparison website. These websites give you multiple quotes from brokers and companies, which means you can easily find the best deal for your needs.

Don’t be like the millions of riders who take the first quote they are given. Be smart and compare your options to save hundreds of pounds.

Pay your premium in one go

When getting motorbike insurance, you are given the chance to pay the entire amount in one go, or spread the cost over monthly repayments.

A monthly repayment plan can seem like the more attractive option, but you normally end up paying over the odds this way. Instead, try to pay the full amount upfront if you can afford it, so you can save money in the long run.

Avoid a sports bike

Sure, a sports bike might seem like your only option, especially if you are a speed nut, but these machines are typically a lot more expensive to insure.

If getting cheap motorbike insurance is high on your list of priorities, then you might want to avoid getting a sports bike, and look to buy a regular motorbike instead.

No-claims bonus

Did you know that by having no claims on your first year as a motorbike rider, can result in a 40% no-claims discount on your next year of insurance?

With this in mind, you should give serious thought to claiming anything during your first year, so you can activate your no-claims bonus during the second year.

Get alarmed

Lastly, getting an industry approved alarm fitted to your motorbike can save you around 5 to 10 percent on your insurance premium.

Finding a good alarm is not hard, and they are relatively inexpensive, which means you should get one straight away if you haven’t already.

Lorenzo Rebney is a motorbike enthusiast, who regularly writes on financial topics for websites including payday lenders such as

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