Remember to insure your café

insure your café

For the first time ever, with the support of a Primary Care Trust in the South of England, mothers are being encouraged to breastfeed their babies in UK cafes.  Mums are supported by midwives, health visitors and fully trained staff to help them to be more confident about socialising in a café environment in order to breastfeed more openly.  Naturally this has thrown the world of insurance into a bit of a tizzy, many online insurance firms are rather hesitant about providing cover for this different type of café set up.

Understanding insurance brokers

For café insurance look no further than understanding brokers who can tailor-make a policy whatever type of café you own, advisers will do their upmost to find the best business insurance for you as well as the highest possible level of cover.  Check out their online insurance comparison sites which offer instant quotations for any café, bistro, greasy spoon or coffee shop.  You can benefit from one simple policy that includes:

  • public liability insurance
  • employer’s liability
  • product liability

Of course business owners can expect a high level of service when getting café insurance quotes >.

Optional extras

Many café owners have made considerable investments in their businesses, all the more reason to protect their assets by purchasing optional café insurance extras to cover:-

  1. fixtures and fittings
  2. stock
  3. loss of money
  4. buildings
  5. goods in transit
  6. business interruption

All of these options are certainly worth considering to provide the ultimate café insurance which will completely protect your business no matter what happens.  Make the decision today to fill in an online application form with insurance brokers for café cover, if you do have any queries or questions then contact a service manager via the net or by phone, they are on hand to help you.

Details to look out for

Buying café insurance online is easy to do using established brokers however do check policy details to make sure you have read and understand any exclusions as well as excesses.  It’s worth remembering that employers have a legal responsibility to take out employer’s liability insurance, failure to do so can result in heavy fines, so beware.  If you rent the café premises check with your landlord  to see if you need buildings insurance cover which brokers will be more than happy to provide, don’t delay get the ball rolling and buy cafe insurance.

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