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Purchase batting cages with confidence

batting cages

Locating room for batting practice can be a daunting task. Since backyard practice runs the risk of broken windows and other damages to buildings, cars etc few backyards have the space necessary for full swings on a ball. Putting the pitcher at risk of being hit by a line drive, batting practice can also be a dangerous activity. Consider purchasing a home batting cage to ensure the availability of a practice spot, eliminate risk to injury and reduce time spent gathering balls.

Without the trouble of driving to a commercial cage and paying money each time, home batting cages and netting provide opportunities to improve playing performance. They usually accommodate a single batter at a time and are long, rectangular cages. Some tips while purchasing batting cages:

ü  Before making a purchase, examine listing for batting cages and netting carefully

ü  Through the Buy it Now option, check whether an item is being offered as an auction or at a fixed price

ü  Before purchasing check all available photos for batting cages and netting. A photo of what the full cage looks like when set up is what many sellers will include i.e. detailed shots of the connectors, netting and poles as well

ü  See if the item’s condition is reflected in its price if purchasing pre-owned equipment and check all photos for signs of wear and damage

ü  Contact the seller for more information, when necessary

ü  When purchasing online, always purchase through approved payment methods

Explore the supplier

  • Prior to purchasing a batting cage, check a seller’s feedback rating and number of completed transactions. The reliability of a seller can be judged by using this information
  • While a negative score will caution others to be vary, a positive score will enhance the other user’s reputation in the marketplace
  • After receiving an item always leave feedback for a seller

Teams that travel frequently or utilize numerous practice sites, transportable batting cages may be helpful. These are simple to setup and knock down as well as assist with a wide array of warm-up drills. Double netting behind the batter is provided with foldable and portable baseball batting cages. Left or right hand hitters are accommodated with extra width without shifting the cage.

Features Include:

  • Stronger than nylon uses #600 HTPP netting
  • Rust protected 2diameter steel finish
  • Manufacturer warranty – 2 years
  • For storage folds to less than 4high
  • For easy mobility back wheel features a unique lever device
  • 3.5mm heavy duty, weather-resistant polypropylene cage netting
  • Rear wheel dolly allows for quick transport
  • Six quick connector rods make put up and take down fast & easy with 18of ricochet cushion
  • Available sizes – 16.5W x 16.5D x 11H & 18W x 12D x 12.5 H
  • Weight – 550 – 650 lbs
  • From storage to batting practice in 2 minutes

To get in many hours of training, home batting cages are an efficient and safe means than continued use of commercial batting cages since it is less expensive in the long run.

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