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How to Insure Multiple Vehicles

Motor fleet insurance is very popular with many businesses. It gives them the ability to insure a large number of vehicles quickly and efficiently. Improving productivity is always a key goal when running any type of business so insuring your vehicles in a way that gives more time for the day-t0-day running of a business is ideal. Whilst businesses are the most common user of motor fleet insurance, there are also a good number of individuals and families who take out this type of insurance. In this article you’ll learn how both businesses and families can make use of motor fleet insurance to save time and money.

For Individuals and Families

Many people like to collect cars. Usually these are classic or vintage cars that are kept as showpieces and for occasional use. Of course there are also people who have a collection of modern cars in their driveway. In either case an ideal way to insurance a collection of cars is to get a fleet policy. The price of the policy will depend not only on the value of the cars being insured also the driver. If the driver has a good driving history and has plenty of experience then the cost of the policy will be much lower. In any case the cost of insuring multiple cars will nearly always be cheaper than insuring them individually.

Families are another big user of fleet insurance. Often they’ll be a young driver or drivers in a family who find it too expensive to insure their car on their own. By getting insured on a fleet policy it makes insurance much more affordable for young and inexperienced drivers. It can also benefit more experienced members of the family too as sharing the cost of a policy is very economical all round.

For Businesses

Businesses that make use of a large fleet of vehicles are an obvious candidate for motor fleet insurance. For such businesses insuring their vehicles individually would be much too impractical. The type of policy a business will take out largely depends on what their vehicles are used for. If it’s a taxi firm, then it’s essential that public liability cover is included in the policy. This is true of any business where members of the public are being transported. If it’s a business that uses lorries to transport expensive goods then goods in transit cover will usually be opted for.

Using a Broker

Many businesses will use the services of a broker to find their motor fleet insurance. Brokers are experts when it comes to dealing with insurance providers so they are often able to get a great deal for businesses. They’ll also research meticulously to ensure that you get all the options required from your policy.

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