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Whatever type of truck or trucks you own you must have insurance for protection against accidents, theft or vandalism. Some insurance policies are quite expensive but if you take time out of your busy schedule and surf the net, you can find some amazing deals and offers from well-known insurance brokers. It’s best to decide on how much cover you need first of all to give you a better idea of what to ask for when applying for truck insurance cover online. Get a quote too to see how much you will have to pay each month, this way you can organise your finances and have peace of mind knowing your truck company is in safe hands.

Lower your premiums

You can pay less for insurance if you ensure your drivers operate safely on the road, install safety instruments in your trucks as well as front and side airbags, have anti-lock disc brakes, electronic stability controls, hill start assistance and trailer sway control.All of these will lower your premiums while not compromising on the quality of the actual truck insurance itself, check out more details online to find easy-to-follow information.

Tailor-made policies especially for you

Online brokers can tailor-make insurance policies especially for truck companies or individuals who own a truck, they pride themselves on providing cover for large or small vehicles with fully comprehensive cover, third party only or third party, fire and theft. Their flexible approach means you will receive the right level of protection and with no excesses. Goods in transit, Employer’s and Public Liability and personal accidents are covered so you know your investment is being protected at all times. There’s an excellent claims procedure too with professional insurance brokers dealing with them quickly and efficiently.

Key policy features you can expect

Some of the key policy features you receive when buying truck insurance from a reputable online broker are as follows:-

  • Cover for any driver who has the appropriate licence for the truck
  • Cover for attached or detached trailers
  • European Union cover if the truck is driven overseas
  • Goods in transit
  • Damage to the property of others
  • Legal expenses

An insurance broker can compare truck insurance prices for you by using their database of some of the UK’s best insurers to find an affordable insurance policy that will cover all eventualities for you, your drivers and your vehicles.

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Learn more about Truck Insurance

It’s not important whether you’re a sole trader with one vehicle or a truck company with many vehicles, brokers can cater for your truck insurance requirements. They will leave no stone unturned to find you the best truck insurance policy and have viable relationships with many UK insurers which helps them to negotiate the best possible deals for their clients. Check out some of the key features for truck insurance:-

  • Goods in transit cover
  • Service vehicles cover
  • European use
  • Public and Employer’s Liability
  • Any vehicle covered between 3.5 and 44 tonnes

Ask the experts

Whatever type of business you operate and however long you’ve been in the truck industry, it’s vital to have the best insurance cover in place to suit your specific insurance requirements. Brokers have a team of experts available to ensure truck owners receive the best advice and cover for their business operations. For a competitive no-obligation quote and invaluable information speak to a member of staff today about truck insurance. Insurance brokers can offer numerous introductory discounts that are available for new ventures as well as suitable monthly payment options which are ideal for fleet owners or sole operators.

Fleet vehicle truck insurance

If you own a fleet of trucks then it’s definitely beneficial to purchase fleet truck insurance from professional online brokers. Why insure them individually when under one multi-vehicle policy trucks can be insured collectively which will be more cost-effective. Although under one policy brokers will make sure each vehicle retains its individual no-claims bonus, however all vehicles must be commercial. Fleet truck insurance is calculated in a more in-depth way before brokers can offer a competitive quote. As long as the vehicles are registered in the company name, brokers can provide fleet truck insurance.

Discounts on offer

Expect brokers to have various discounts on offer, they can provide:-

  • Discounts for new truck businesses
  • Discounts for truck owners who switch insurance
  • Discounts for no-claims bonuses
  • Discounts for low mileage

If you need to drive further afield, for instance to Europe, rest assured truck insurance covers this too which is ideal for breakdowns, roadside assistance and accommodation should your truck require repairs after an accident. Brokers provide a prompt and efficient service along with the opportunity for clients to download and read truck insurance policy documentation. What are you waiting for, speak to brokers today about your truck insurance needs.

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Truck Insurance Extras

Tipper LorrySetting up in business is inevitably loaded with obstacles, the only way around which is to whip out the wallet and pay up.  When it comes to insurances there is often a temptation to skimp and get away with the bare essentials – we have all done it.  Looking back over time you see hundreds of insurance policies that you never called into play so it was money wasted right?  Wrong.  We got lucky.  In reality the insurance policies we have are worth their weight in gold.  Think about how much worse it would be to be thousands of pounds in debt because you had no insurance versus a year’s worth of premiums that might go by the by unused.

Extra items that are offered along with a main truck insurance policy are the biggest source of false economy.  We will have a look at some of the main ones and explain why they are worth the money and something you should seriously consider.

  • Breakdown.

Straightforward and as it sounds. We have breakdown on our domestic vehicles so why would you not have it on your truck?  All too often a mate in the business will tell you not to worry, he knows a guy who is happy to come out – he swears he is loads cheaper than breakdown.  Brilliant no monthly premiums and cheap assistance.  However, it also means he doesn’t have to come out or he could be busy when you breakdown at the side of the motorway with an important deadline looming.  No premiums equals no contract.  Think again about relying on mates in the trade.

  • Accident and sickness cover.

We have all heard the stories of accident and sickness cover refusing to pay out – so it can’t be worth the money.  It is proven and guaranteed that these companies do pay out – they are regulated by financial bodies and fully accountable to the Ombudsman.  If you are a one man band and you are unable to work you need to have something in place to replace your earnings.  Be honest in the medical questions, find out exactly what you are paying for and it is pretty likely should you need to claim they will pay out.

  • Loss of use cover.

A serious mechanical fault hits at the same point as a cash flow crisis – the truck is out of action, it isn’t an insurance claim issue – but you are facing a few weeks grounded with nothing to drive. Customers are complaining – contracts are in danger.  Loss of use cover can help cover this.

  • Continental Medical Expenses Insurance.

If driving sees you taking in the sights of Europe or beyond then you definitely shouldn’t skimp on this one.  The NHS belongs in the UK.  You cannot access it if you aren’t here when taken ill.  Take note of holiday makers horror stories of being taken ill abroad – they are not lying.  The cost of getting medically transported from Europe to home should the need arise is between 10-15K for that alone.

All of the extras are worth considering.  As with any insurance there will be levels of cover so feel free to customise yourself a package but whatever you do, don’t leave yourself uncovered.

Richard Smith is an experienced insurance author and works with numerous insurance websites including Truck who specialise in online comparison of HGV insurance.

photo by: Sir Hectimere
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