Does your property have subsidence, then buy insurance

A recent online news story has highlighted one property owners plight with the problems that subsidence can bring.  A family of four had to evacuate their home when a huge hole appeared in the kitchen area due to subsidence, it burst a water pipe which led to flooding throughout the house causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.  They had noticed large cracks appearing in the ground and on the walls of the property but didn’t arrange for a structural engineer to take a look at the problem, had they done so it could have been rectified and dealt with immediately.

It’s important to have cover

This particular family didn’t have subsidence insurance, however due to the generosity of the local people and viewers who witnessed the scenario on TV thankfully the clean-up operation was paid for, although not everyone is so fortunate.  Some home owners may find it difficult to buy insurance for subsidence because of the high risk factor associated with this type of problem, it’s reassuring to know that reliable online insurance brokers will assess your application individually to provide the necessary cover without delay.

Important factors

There are numerous important factors which brokers have to consider before comparing quotes from their insurance partners.  Make sure you have the following information on hand when applying for subsidence insurance:-

  • how long ago did your property suffer from subsidence?
  • what was the cause of the problem?
  • has the subsidence been fixed and if so has there been any movement since?
  • do you have any documentation and reports about the work that was carried out?
  • have you previously made a claim for subsidence and if so how much for?

The above are just a selection of questions that brokers may ask in order to provide you with subsidence insurance.

Why choose brokers?

When choosing well-known online brokers to buy subsidence insurance you not only receive an affordable policy but also an efficient service as well as professional professional staff who have many years of dealing with subsidence problems and risks of subsidence. Brokers also provide cover for properties that have subsidence issues, a fast insurance documentation turnaround, convenient monthly online payment facilities and numerous online insurance discounts. An increasing number of business and property owners are turning to established brokers when buying subsidence insurance in order to benefit from fully comprehensive insurance packages which are much cheaper than from other insurance providers.

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Don’t let subsidence destroy your property, insure it today

If you are concerned that your property is suffering from subsidence then a structural engineer’s report as well as insurance is recommended.  A visual inspection can be carried out concerning parts of the property related to subsidence and a detailed report indicating what was found can be recorded to rectify the problem for any necessary repair work.  A general structural inspection involves an engineer or a surveyor analysing your property in more detail for instance the roof structure, floors, walls, lintels and beams which will help identify subsidence problems before any major structural disaster occurs.

Home buyer’s report

As many people are aware, the UK Government introduced home buyer’s reports a while ago, these provide useful information regarding what a potential buyer needs to do in relation to any defects found in property such as subsidence.  In most cases providing a structural engineer’s report about subsidence reduces any worries for sellers and buyers so a property sale can go ahead.  An engineer’s report will also generally satisfy mortgage lenders and insurance companies, professional online brokers will then discuss with you the best possible cover for subsidence insurance.

Essential information

When requesting a free no obligation quote for subsidence insurance there are numerous factors and essential information you must provide to benefit from cover with established online brokers for example:-

  • how long has your property suffered from subsidence?
  • what was the cause of subsidence?
  • how has the problem been rectified?
  • has there been any movement since?
  • do you have any documentation of an engineer’s report and work carried out regarding subsidence?
  • have you made any previous claims and how much were these for?

The cost of premiums and the level of subsidence insurance on offer can depend very much on your answers to these types of questions.

A tailor-made service

Brokers have in-house expertise and experienced staff who can provide a tailor-made service for all types of subsidence insurance, let them discuss the issues with you no matter how the subsidence problems were caused.  Reliable staff understand that each property owner’s subsidence risk is unique so every insurance application is looked at with an open mind, rest assured there’s no one size fits all solution to subsidence insurance.  By choosing brokers to purchase insurance cover from you can be certain that you will receive a policy that completely protects your property if you ever need to make a claim.

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