All you need to know about motorhome insurance

Owning a motorhome can be a thrilling experience. You can travel the length and breadth of your country and never have to worry about where you’ll stay. Many people choose to adopt a motorhome as a way of life, especially those who have retired. Whilst it can be a great experience there are certain precautions that must be taken if you own a motorhome. The biggest of these is to have your motorhome insured. Motorhome insurance differs from car insurance because there are more scenarios you need to cover against. Plus, as a motorhome owner your vehicle isn’t just a means of travel but accommodation too. For this reason you need to be covered for more things. Let’s take a look at the different levels of cover you can get as well as how to make a saving on your insurance policy.

Types of Cover

When you’re thinking about what type of coverage to get for your motorhome, you need to take a few different things into account. Firstly where will you be using your motorhome? If you only plan to travel domestically then you will obviously not require the same level of coverage as somewhere who is globetrotting in their motorhome. If you are someone who likes to travel outside the country a lot then it’s imperative that you make sure you’re covered in the country you’re visiting. It can be disastrous if you find yourself in a foreign country and are not adequately covered. It’s important to ensure that accommodation is provided as part of your cover when travelling abroad. If not, then at least a replacement motorhome whilst yours is being repaired.

Another consideration is how many people will be driving the motorhome. If you are the sole driver then the insurance quote will be considerable lower than if you name 2 or more additional drivers. The more drivers you add, the higher the quote. For this reason most people will try to keep the named drivers to a maximum of 2.

The good news is that as a motorhome driver you are considered much safer than most other types of drivers. Why is this? You may ask. Well motorhome drivers are, on average, older than the typical road user. A lot of people will purchase a motorhome after retirement so this makes sense. Older drivers are known to be more cautious and take fewer risks. For this reason the quotes given to motorhome owners are relatively lower than what they would be for a typical road user.


Of course when you’re looking to take out a motorhome insurance policy you will want to get the lowest price that you can. When it comes to insuring your motorhome the standard variables that affect your quote apply the same as with regular car insurance. These include your age, no-claims period and the security of your vehicle. Whilst there is nothing you can do to change your age or your no claims-period, you can certainly affect how secure your motorhome is. Three things you can equip you motorhome with to greatly improve its security are an alarm, immobiliser and a tracker. Ideally you get all three but even having one of these will affect your quote. Having a secure garage to park your motorhome in will affect your quote greatly also

Obtaining Quotes

The days of it being difficult to obtain a quote for your motorhome are over. Now all you have to do is go online and browse the insurance companies that are out there. You can have a quote in a matter of minutes. Compare as many quotes as possible and pick the policy that has the best price for the level of coverage you require.

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Save on Motorhome Insurance today

If you are thinking about renewing or buying motorhome insurance get in touch with reputable online brokers who have been in business for many years and know exactly what clients need to protect their valuable vehicle. They offer many discounts too while not compromising on the quality of the insurance policy, so you can save money and drive your motorhome knowing you are covered for any eventuality. If you qualify why not purchase a policy that includes discounts if you have the following:-

  • No claims bonuses
  • Security measures that have been taken
  • Low mileage
  • Motorhome club membership
  • Secure storage facilities
  • Reversing camera or parking sensors

Policy features and benefits

There are some fantastic policy features and benefits when you buy motorhome insurance from brokers such as comprehensive policies that include windscreen cover, motorhome equipment cover for awnings, gas bottles, generators, TVs and cooking utensils to name a few. Keep your premium low by only paying for the things you need to protect and get value for money motorhome insurance. There’s also the added benefit that should your motorhome break down you are covered for roadside assistance and recovery of vehicle to a registered address. Public Liability cover is also available which will pay the costs should you be involved in a road accident.

Other things that can be included in your policy

If you lose keys or locks are damaged on your motorhome then the insurance policy will cover these as well as European cover and breakdown if you are travelling abroad, including repatriation. No claims discount is also available to keep your premiums low along with a claims helpline should you need to speak to an adviser if something does go wrong. There’s a lot of information you can download to read at your leisure regarding the many options to choose from along with specimen policies and policy summaries.

Why choose online brokers?

The reason why so many people choose online brokers to buy motorhome insurance from is that they are the best people around to get advice from. They take pride in supplying great insurance policies and offering good deals to their customers, so take some time out and read what they offer from prices of motorhome insurance packages, the many extras available to buy to their professional aftercare services. Be well protected when out in your motorhome by choosing the best insurance.



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