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In the last few years more people have been buying caravans to take their well-earned holidays in the UK rather than having expensive vacations abroad. Caravans are used for touring holidays or parked on static caravan sites that provide caravan owners with the opportunity to relax in their comfortable home from homes, while using onsite amenities and facilities. Whether you buy a new caravan or a secondhand model they can be quite an expensive investment, however caravans bring many years of happiness and satisfaction, especially if they are insured properly to provide owners with peace of mind should anything untoward happen.

Check out online what reputable brokers can offer caravan owners, there are various caravan insurance discounts available for instance:-

  • Club membership discounts
  • IAM discounts
  • Discounts if safety devices have been fitted such as alarms, immobilisers and security locks

Touring caravans

If you have a touring caravan, comprehensive cover is available which can include protection for physical loss or damage to your caravan, replacement awnings, equipment and contents as well as personal effects. Market value along with guaranteed value cover is also available as an additional caravan insurance product. Caravan owners also have the opportunity to request family and friends cover which may be a good idea if you’re travelling with a group of people who intend sharing your caravan while on vacation. If you plan to travel abroad then European insurance cover is certainly worth considering, you never know what might happen when driving overseas so this type of insurance policy is definitely worth thinking about.


Static caravans


Well-known online brokers can provide static caravan insurance which gives all the protection needed if your holiday home is damaged in any way. Included in static caravan insurance as standard is:-

  • Cover against damage that may be caused by fire, lightning, smoke or falling trees
  • Cover against storms and flood damage
  • Cover for theft or attempted theft of your caravan including its contents

Why not also buy cover against malicious acts of vandalism to protect outside steps, balconies and patios that may lead to your caravan.

Request a quote


Why not request an online quote from brokers immediately for caravan insurance whether you have a touring or a static model? They’ll go out of their way to find you a competitive rate and a suitable policy for your caravan.

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