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Advantages of LED reflective vests for night runners

4All of you do some exercise or the other, for instance running, jogging, cycling, walking etc. to keep yourselves agile and active. LED vest for running, as the name suggests, is meant for usage while one is running under poor visibility conditions, be it day or night. These vests provide safety for motorcycle riders too. Easy to wear and visible up to half a mile distance, this gadget is the most preferred among men and woman all over the world.

There are several points worth considering while you purchase this item. The LED vest with light transmission fiber optics provides 360 degree ultra-high visibility in your dusk and night time activities. There are two LED wristbands and 5 bright LED lights which will increase visibility in night time sports. You could be seen by cars when running, bicycling or walking. It increases the safety under low light conditions.

They are light in weight, weighing only 4.8 oz. They run on rechargeable battery. Once charged it can last up to 12 hours. There are three modes of operation and this is possible at the touch of a button. Slow, bright steady lighting and fast flashing gives greater visibility. They are available with highly adjustable sizes. They are unisex with all comforts meant for simple use. Its snug fit helps the gadget stay with the body while you are in motion. You could use it on a t-shirt or jacket. The wristband can be worn on wrist, ankle or arm. The vest has 4 x CR2032 3V and wristband has 2 x CR2016 3V lithium coin batteries.

Buy LED Light Reflective Safety Vest and 2 LED Slap-On Wristbands on

They provide greater visibility while running, walking or cycling without wearing a bulky reflective jacket. They are extremely simple in design. You are easily spotted by the motorists any time during day or night. Even a head lamp or running light cannot provide this type of eye catching visibility. They are made of light weight material; as a result your exercise activity is never hampered while using them. The fabric and buckle are made of high quality material and the stitching is very professional with a view to provide the user years of free use. The wristband is very tight and does not fade with distance, as it has 5 LED lights. This gadget is also very durable.

There are various sizes available. They are easy to strap and clip on buckle, very easy to wear and start off with your activity. The safety features are awesome of these vests. They are comfortable and non-restrictive to use. It is good companion while you are jogging and you can do your exercise activities with confidence. The ITL LED reflective running gear flash illumination mode can dramatically increase visibility and safety.

This is an optimal solution while you are active on the roads. It has changed the way one aims to perceive visibility safety. It is very minimal in design, weather proof and could be used under any condition and is equipped with front and back lights.

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