4 Ways To Reduce You Quad Bike Insurance Premium

Quad Bike Insurance

In the current economic climate everybody is looking to save money where possible, and quad bike insurance is no exception. There are things that you as a quad owner can do to reduce the cost of quad insurance significantly.

Firstly, improving the security of your quad will reduce the chance of it being stolen; therefore this will lower your insurance premium. One way in which you can do this is by fitting a ground anchor to ensure that your quad is fixed to a point. Similarly, as £5m worth of quad bikes are stolen each year, storing your quad in a locked garage when it is not being used is imperative for its safety; it will also reduce the cost of your insurance premium by making it less accessible to thieves, thus reducing risk.

Limiting the amount of mileage that you do on your quad bike can also have an effect upon your insurance premium. This is because the fewer miles that you do on your quad, the less amount of time you are vulnerable to having a collision and making a claim on your insurance policy as a result. This will also limit the amount of wear and tear on your quad, making it last longer.

Finally, many insurance companies offer substantial discounts for customers who arrange their insurance policy with them online. This is because it limits the amount of administration the insurer has to do. When you complete your quad bike insurance quote and undertake the policy online, you the customer input all of your own details and that of the quad; this saves the insurance company employing an extra member of staff to do this, ultimately saving them money meaning that they can pass some of the savings on to you. Online discounts can be as much as 10% or 15% of the cost of your insurance premium.

When you are sorting out your quad bike insurance, it is definitely worth taking the time to shop around. This is because there can be large differences between quad bike insurance quotes from different insurers, particularly for young riders or riders with previous motoring convictions. Speak to at least three insurance companies and once you have got the lowest quote you can return to the company that you really want to be insured by and inform them that you can get cover for the lower rate; chances are that they will agree to match the price as they will not want to lose your custom to a competitor.

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